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Today, 805 Million People Are Suffering From Hunger. With Your Help, We Can Provide Food Aid To Save Lives.

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What does equality mean for you? For us, at World Food Relief, we aim to provide humanitarian aid to the poorest people in communities around the world. Feeding those in need of food and water, whether there has been a crisis in their country, or a deficiency of basic foods. We don’t just believe it; we stand by it. Our statement is simple; everyone has a right to food and water.

As a non-profit organization, we work hard in raising awareness and heavily rely on funding. All support we receive is welcome with open arms, and we just ask that you can find kindness within your heart to help others.

What We Do

We provide emergency assistance to children and families who are affected by disasters and conflict. With food being the priority, the food packs we provide are transported by us to wherever they are required. Our help doesn’t end here, we also partner with communities for long-term solutions to alleviate poverty.
The vast majority of those vulnerable are people living in developing countries. Those mainly affected by hunger are women and children. This then becomes an on-going cycle, when a mother who is stunted or malnourished due to a poor diet, she will often give birth to low birthweight children.
Why does this happen to start with? Cultural traditions and social structures show that women are often more affected by hunger and poverty than men. Women frequently struggle with the double burden of gruelling and tiring farm work whilst raising, caring for and going without to attempt to provide the little that they can for the children.

17 Million Children Born Underweight

146 Million Children Are Malnourished

The hard-hitting facts reveal that every year 17 million children in developing countries are born underweight. This is the result of poor nutrition both before and during pregnancy. Because of this, there are around 146 million children in developing countries that are malnourished and suffering. Acute and chronic hunger is a widespread issue.

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Chronically hungry people do not have enough, or if any, financial access for healthy nutrition, clean water, or healthcare. Three-quarters of all undernourished people live in rural areas, mostly villages and farming communities of Asia and Africa.
These populations have no source of employment other than agriculture; this means little or no income. Because of this, they are completely vulnerable to natural disasters such as drought or floods.

The Facts Are There But It’s Time To Make a Change, Together We Can Make That Change