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What Do We Do?

At World Food Relief we are always ready to act and being reactive can save lives. Our volunteers will do everything they can to reach those in desperate need, especially those who are homeless and have been forced to live on the streets.

As a non-profit organization, we work hard in raising awareness and heavily rely on funding. All support we receive is welcome with open arms, and we just ask that you can find kindness within your heart to help others.

We provide emergency assistance to children and families who are affected by disasters and conflict. With food being the priority, the food packs we provide are transported by us to wherever they are required. Our help doesn’t end here, we also partner with communities for long-term solutions to alleviate poverty.

What makes us different to other organisations, who buy the contents of their food packs in the USA at high prices and then ship them to where they are needed, is that World Food Relief will always try to buy some of the contents as near as possible to the crisis area. We do this, to try and boost the local economy. Further to this, we help to develop their agriculture and supplying tools to farm and grow crops

Our Strategy

World Food Relief initially addresses immediate issues of hunger and unreliable access to food. So far, we have worked in Yeman, Egypt, Benin Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, United Kingdom, the Philippines, Nigeria, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Somalia and Tunisia, yet we want to help more, anywhere in the world that requires our help, we won’t stop until we will achieve our goals of not leaving any person starving from hunger.

Our strategy being that once the immediate threat of hunger has been averted, we look to finding ways that the community can produce their own food. We aim to support, educate, help and provide where we can and in addition to providing the physical resources, such as seeds, trees and the tools needed to both plant and then sow the crops, we also provide farming education.

Our Promise

That people who are less fortunate will be supplied with food with the help of our donors of course, as without them it would not be possible.

Get Involved

Made it this far? Then you’re World Food Relief ready. We are always on the lookout for suitably qualified individuals who can help us on our mission.

They are several ways that volunteers can help us in helping others:

  • General admin in the office
  • Formulating food distributing strategies
  • Negotiating with food suppliers
  • Arranging transport
  • Being in the crisis area organising the distribution of food packs

If you want to be the change in the world we live in, we invite you to become part of the World Food Relief team, please send an email to info@worldfoodrelief.org

You can Make a Difference

Today, 805 Million People Are Suffering From Hunger.
With Your Help, We Can Provide Food Parcels To Save Lives.