Our Food Programs

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Short Term Goals

As a non-profit organisation helping those in desperate need, our immediate aim is delivering food where it is needed, and quickly. This is moment our volunteers turn into heroes. We get them to the crisis area as fast as we can to assess the immediate needs of the people who require our help. Once that assessment is made, we try, if possible, to buy some of the food as close as possible to the crisis area to boost the local economy. It’s our favourable plan of action, however, if this is not possible the all the food will be imported from various locations. We prioritise those most vulnerable and our volunteers will ensure that the Food Parcels are distributed to those first.

Long Term Goals

Feeding the hungry comes first and once this initial threat has been averted, we endeavor to find ways that people can start producing their own food. We do this by providing physical resources such as seeds, trees, and tools needed to both plant and sow crops. We support this by also providing farming education, at World Food Relief we strongly believe that this takes our Non-Profit Organization above and beyond when it comes to support for those in need, it’s a brand-new lifeline.

Get Involved

Improving the agricultural environments is key to eradicating poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Those living with the source but without the knowledge puts them in a vulnerable position. World Food Relief will provide the most up-to-date information on how to grow food efficiently and economically. Improving their knowledge of new techniques and technologies can dramatically increase the farmers’ level of productivity. This could then create more produce and income for the poor.

Recognizing the need for a sustainable approach to agriculture, our solution emphasizes farmer education in methods and technologies that do not have an overly negative effect on soil, water, and air quality. Our farmer education programs will:

  • Increase local food availability
  • Increase farmer income
  • Increase sustainability of agricultural practices

You can Make a Difference

Today, 805 Million People Are Suffering From Hunger.
With Your Help, We Can Provide Food Parcels To Save Lives.