East African Crisis

East African Crisis

East Africa is dealing with a major famine situation that can only get worse as time passes. At this particular time, countries like Somalia and Sudan are dealing with a massive famine. In fact, a drought left around 3 million people food deprived in Somalia alone. According to the World Food Program, around 363000 children under the age of 5 are malnourished, and around 20% of them are risking diseases and death.

A few months ago the Somalian government stated that around 110 died from hunger in the span of only 48 hours. A similar situation has happened in South Sudan. The civil war is preventing crops from being harvested. As a result of this, many people in the country are going hungry. The United Nations declared that some parts of Sudan are actively suffering from famine at this particular time.

Unfortunately, things do tend to get worse. Officials state that around 5.5 million people in Sudan alone will not be able to get a good source of food until July. Combine that with the fact that around 100,000 people in Sudan have to deal with food scarcity; then you will see how starvation is a real threat to all Sudan residents.

The IRC is predicting that there will be an imminent famine in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya as well as other countries in the region. Most of these countries are already dealing with major hunger problems and severe drought, so finding a way to eliminate the problem and figure out the right approach will be nothing short of impossible.

The aid agencies are trying to boost their support and help. However, they are also dealing with some major cuts from the US foreign aid. Things are not that bright, and they can only get worse. That’s why humanitarian acts can make a lot of a difference. Offering people that are dealing with hunger problems a warm meal and a place to sleep in can be amazing and it can help a lot. You can imagine that there will be quite a lot of challenges as time passes. Eliminating the East African Famine needs to be a combined effort and one that will hopefully make some significant changes in the world.

If issues like the one in Sudan where 100,000 people don’t have access to food arise in other regions, we can expect some other major consequences. So, understanding the problem will offer the best way to reach a solution. However, helping the people in need and offering them the food required to survive is mandatory at this point. And since lots of countries have massive amounts of food waste, there’s enough food in the world; we just need to guide it to the people that are in dire need of it.

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Today, 805 Million People Are Suffering From Hunger.
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