Famine in Yemen

Famine in Yemen


Before the current famine crisis, the lack of a reliable food and water distribution meant that there were already extreme food shortages, and because of this malnutrition amongst the population. Now, with the famine contributing to the food crisis, around 25 million people are threatened with starvation.

The humanitarian system also needs to be improved, as there are many children suffering from malnutrition. Since the lack of food has a negative impact on their development, it’s crucial to ensure that all these kids receive the food, water, and care they need.

The United Nations has already raised around $4.4 billion to help and even Australian aid agencies are continually asking for donations to help people in Yemen.

Funds are going to save lives in Yemen and other countries in the region. But some other issues still have to be fixed if the crisis is going to be eliminated once and for all. The lack of school feeding program, proper education, and clean drinking water will always cause major problems, so it is important to focus on eliminating these issues as soon as possible. Aid agencies are constantly trying to offer locals food and the items they need, but a robust economy is needed in order to leave all these things behind.

Tens of thousands of children in Yemen are having to deal with starvation and severe malnutrition. Hopefully, the United Nations and other organizations will be able to help all Yemen citizens as quickly as possible.

Most of the county’s population is at risk, so we have to do all in our power to help these people get the sanitation, water, shelters, and food they need. Only humanitarian projects can help eliminate those problems, so hopefully, these issues will disappear sooner rather than later.

You can Make a Difference

Today, 805 Million People Are Suffering From Hunger.
With Your Help, We Can Provide Food Parcels To Save Lives.


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