The Syrian Crisis

The Syrian Crisis

The recent war in Syria has managed to dismantle the country in ways no one would ever imagine. The fact that the country’s agricultural infrastructure is ruined due to this war is only a part of a problem, the war has also fractured the entire state system too.

The country has a significant wheat shortage. Most of the areas sown with barley and cereals ended up being ruined this year. This makes it extremely hard, if not impossible to eliminate all these problems. Finding a better, more creative approach to handling all these sorts of issues is imperative.

Moreover, the North East region of Hasaka which has around half of the Syrian wheat production saw a lot of fighting between the Islamic militants and the Kurdish YPG militia. Things are only getting worse here, and the fact that the farming infrastructure got destroyed doesn’t help either.

The government just got to distribute around 450,000 tons of seeds, and these allow farmers to cultivate only a portion of their lands. But the true problem is that even if the seeds are planted, and everything will happen as it would normally do, there’s still an issue with selling their crops. People in Syria are dealing with a major financial crisis too.

According to the United Nations, there are many Syrians starving in some of the besieged areas. Around 400000 people are dealing with this problem, and things are getting worse and worse all the time.

There is also an issue of food and water distribution. Transporting food in a war zone is very hard because of the significant security concerns.

Food shortage in Syria affects hundreds of thousands of people, and the worst part is that they can’t even gain access to the type of food that they need. Many people haven’t seen a piece of fresh fruit in years.

That’s why humanity needs to help individuals that live in Syria. Only with the right approach and a genuine focus on this situation will lead to the right amount of success. It will be a challenging thing to overcome for sure, but hopefully, things will only end up being better in the end. For now, the Syrian Food Crisis is only getting worse. And, if history showed us something, the repercussions of this war will be seen for many years to come. Which means that the current food shortage may be only the beginning.

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